Please select the appointment type to make a booking.

Initial Lesson

For shooters at any level, taking a lesson with us for the first time.

(2 hours and 30 minutes)

Private / Semi-Private Lesson

Lesson for up to 2 shooters who have had a lesson with us previously.

(2 hours)

Group Lesson (3 or more shooters)

Initial or follow-up lesson for 3 - 5 shooters.

(3 hours and 30 minutes)

Half Day Lesson

Half-day lesson (3.5 hours) for 1 - 5 shooters.

(3 hours and 30 minutes)

Full Day Lesson

Full day lesson for 1 to 5 people or a corporate group, 3.5 hours in the morning, 3.5 hours in the afternoon with a 1 hour break for lunch.

(7 hours)

Full Formal Gun Fitting

If you are interested in a custom stock or custom shotgun purchased either through the Academy of Wing & Clay Shooting or another dealer. After the fitting, a complete written fitting sheet with specifications and measurements is provided.

(2 hours)

Gun Fit Check Up

Gun Fit Checkup – Evaluation of your existing shotgun for proper fit and adjustment of the shotgun if equipped with adjustable comb, butt plate and/or rib. A written report is provided, for use by a gunsmith or Stockmaker, should modifications to your shotgungun prove necessary.

(45 minutes)

Phone Consultation

By-appointment 30-minute phone consultation. Call (407) 697-6236 or email to book a time.

(30 minutes)
$ 50.00